Mike Morningstar.

Mike Morningstar began his training in Taekwon-Do at the age of 18 achieving his Black Belt in 1987. Mr. Morningstar is a certified 5th Degree (C-5-31) Black Belt International Instructor and is also certified by the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) as an Examiner and Referee. In 1998 Mr. Morningstar was personally awarded his 5th Degree Black Belt by the founder of Taekwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi and has maintained this rank since the passing of the founder in 2002.

Not only does Mr. Morningstar teach all classes at the main location but he also travels across Canada and the USA conducting seminars and trainings. Mr. Morningstar had assisted the Founder of Taekwon-Do conducting seminars in such countries as Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, North Korea and Japan. He also assisted General Choi’s son, Master Choi Jung Hwa, teaching Taekwon-Do in such countries as Malaysia, Australia, Russia, England, Scotland, and Greece, throughout Argentina, the USA and Canada. In 2003 Mr. Morningstar became the first instructor officially sent by the ITF to teach Taekwon-Do in South Korea since 1972.

Mr. Morningstar has done demonstrations and Break-A-Thon’s helping to raise over $45,000 for charities such as The Children’s Wish Foundation, The Heart & Stroke Foundation, The Lung Association, The United Way and The Diabetes Hope Foundation. Mr. Morningstar received the “Volunteer of the Year Award” form the Heart & Stoke Foundation and the “Special Event Coordinator Award” from the United Way. In February 2005, Mr. Morningstar was inducted into the Oakville Sports Hall of Fame.

As the 1994 World Champion Mr. Morningstar enjoyed a very successful competition career earning such titles as 5 times Canadian Champion, North American Champion and All Japan Heavy Weight Champion. Mr. Morningstar was the Captain of Canada’s National team in 1994 (Malaysia) and was the Canadian Team coach in 1997 (Russia). After 10 years he retired from competition in 1994.

Through his achievements during his competitive career, his travel, participation in the community and his devotion to the school and to Taekwon-Do, Mr. Morningstar sets the example by living the “Way” in the Taekwon-Do tradition. It is this example that sets Morningstar Taekwon-Do apart from other schools and through his achievements Mr. Morningstar has gained the respect, commitment and devotion of his students and the community.